Installing Dropshix Extension in Chrome

You should install DROPSHIX Chrome extension to be able to maximize some of its awesome features. 

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Below is how you could install DROPSHIX Chrome extension.

1. Download the Dropshix Extension

We recommend you to install Dropshix Extension from Chrome Store, it easier and faster. You should follow the steps below only if somehow you can't access Chrome Store or install an extension from Chrome Store.

Download the Dropshix Extension (.crx file) to your computer.
Dropshix Chrome Extension (749 downloads) .
Click on “Keep” when Chrome prompts you. It will then be downloaded to your computer.

Note: If you install the extension from Chrome Store you can skip the steps below.

2. Enable Developer Mode on Extension page

Click on the setting button (three dots shown at the top-right corner in your browser), which will open a menu for you. Click on “More tools” then "Extensions" You will be redirected to your Extensions page that shows all the extensions you have installed in your browser.

On the extensions page, you should see a checkbox on the top saying “Developer mode.” Click on it.


Now you're ready to install DROPSHIX extension to your Chrome Browser.


3. Install the Dropshix Chrome Extension.

On the lower left of your browser, you should see the downloaded .crx file.

Drag the .crx file and drop it onto the extensions page.

Once you have dropped the file, it will ask if you want to add the extension to your browser. Click on “Add Extension” to manually install the extension.

When Chrome has finished installing the extension, you will see Dropshix logo to your top right browser. Click on it and you should see something like this.