Importing Product Attributes and Variables

WooCommerce + Dropshipping Made Simple

Using Dropshix now you can import AliExpress product attributes from inside your WooCommerce wp-admin. This feature requires you to install Dropshix Chrome Extension and works only on Chrome browser.

For other browsers, please contact us through your Project Details chat system.


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1. Scan for product attributes

Open your product edit page by going to "Products" then "All Products" in your wp-admin left sidebar.

Chose the product you wish to scan the attributes and click on the product title or edit button below the title.

(If you come to this page from "Import Product" page, you can skip the above step.)

On the right sidebar, you will see a meta box named "Dropshix Import Attribute". Click on the "Scan Attributes" button.

You will open a popup to scan your product attribute. Click on "Scan for Attributes" button. It will open a new window/tab of the AliExpress product page.

On the AliExpress product page, click on the Dropshix Chrome extension and choose "Scan for Attributes".

When the scanning process is completed it will automatically close the window/tab and return you to your WooCommerce product edit page with the popup.

Click on the "Refresh" button. Now the scanned attributes will be distributed and ready to be imported.

Close the popup, and the button in Dropshix Import Attribute meta box should changed into "Import Attributes". Click it, and your page should be reloaded with the attributes imported.

Check the Product Attributes section to see the imported attributes.


2. Distribute product attributes to product variables.

You can make the product into "Variable Product", that way you will have your product has options for your customer to choose.

Scroll down until you find WooCommerce "Product" section. Change from "Simple Product" to "Variable Product".

Next, on your left there is "Variations" menu item, click it.

On top of the product panel section, you will now have a drop-down with an option "Create variations from all attributes". Chose it and click the "Go" button.

Your variation is now distributed, but they still don't have prices. Click on Update/Publish button. Dropshix will distribute the prices for you.

The product will be updated and it's a variation product now, which means now your buyers can pick product option.

Congratulations! You have imported product attributes and distribute variables for your product.


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