Importing AliExpress Products to Your WooCommerce Using Dropshix

WooCommerce + Dropshipping Made Simple

Importing products to your WooCommerce store using Dropshix is simple and fast. When you import a product through Dropshix, the product status become "Active" and the product's price and stock movement is monitored from each Source Store.

There several factors that Dropshix use to calculate your product prices, they are:

  1. Your profit profile that you set up in Dropshix Configuration.
  2. Markets prices and how the trend of the product price compared with other stores.
  3. Your personal order and transaction record.

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For example:

Your item price is $45 from the original price of $38, when monitored there is a price movement. Your product original price is up become $45 (equal to your current price). Now you have a potential of losing profit. Dropshix will first match your profit with your profit profile, it will change your current price to $ $52 (45 - 38 = $7, added to $45).

If the market average price is $45.34 (from PAT calculation, which is coming from other major market data), Dropshix will recalculate your price to $49.47.

More detailed information can be found in this article

Video Tutorial.

Importing AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store using Dropshix.


Importing Multiple products to your WooCommerce store using Dropshix.

1. Go to the Dropshix "Queued Products" Page

Login to your WP-Admin Dashboard. On the left sidebar Scroll down and hover to "Dropshix™" Menu.

Click on "Queued Products".

Importing products to woocommerce

You will arrive at Dropshix Queued Product page like below (by default you will view your "Pending" listings).

importing products to your woocommerce using dropshix

Pending means that your item(s) are queued in the system and wait for you to import them to your WooCommerce store.

With the current version, you can sort the products based on the columns available. Anything from "Title" until "Sales Volume".

2. Import your item to WooCommerce system.

You are currently on Pending Listings page, this page contains all the products you have queued and ready to be imported.

To import the product and actually have the product sold in your store, click the "Import This Item" button.

importing products to woocommerce

It will take a while to import a product to the WooCommerce system, once done you should see the button "Publish The Item Now" available. Click the button, and it should open a new window or tab where you can edit your product.

3. Editing and publishing your new product.

By default, your product status is "Draft" and it's a "Simple Product" type. This is so that you can make final editing before you launch your product in your store. 

Now, inside your "Edit Product" page make necessary changes to make your product appeal by modifying the product title, modifying the product description, adding product category/categories, adding attributes (for Paid package members it's automatically set on import process, learn how to upgrade your package here), change your product type, and other as you see needed.

WooCommerce + Dropshipping Made Simple

After you are finished with your editing, click "Publish" button and your product will be launched and ready to make some profit.

WooCommerce + Dropshipping Made Simple

Congratulations! You're selling your product now, on your own store.

 WooCommerce + Dropshipping Made Simple

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